Monday, December 13, 2004

Finding Dreamland

Welcome to another entry of the "Journal"!
The source for updates on the progress of "Dreamers" and other inside stories and exciting news on Dreamgazers Interactive.

Today we'd like to share with you some wonderful news! In the past month, Dreamgazers, has been in the market for the ultimate game engine to built "Dreamers" on and after a lot of research we have finally made our choice! Since we are under contract we are unfortunately not allowed to announce the name of this extremely powerful engine just yet, but believe us when we say; this engine rocks!

With all the latest technology in graphics, physics, lighting, shader effects, normal mapping etc, this engine is just perfect to bring the fantastical world of "Dreamers" to life! Needless to say everyone here at Dreamgazers have been working like crazy to see our first level come to life! :)

Be sure to check back soon as we are almost ready to show you the very first in-game screenshots of "Dreamers".

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all the wonderful letters of support for this project! You are all making the already exciting process of making "Dreamers" even more worthwhile! Besides, this game is for you! Please keep sending them as we love reading them! Also, a special thanks to everyone who has entered our "Are you a Dreamer" contest! We simply cannot see how we will be able to select the best dream out of all these really amazing stories! The contest is far from over so please send us more of your dreams!!

Look for another update very soon! Thank you!


George P. Georgeadis
President, Creative & Art Director
Dreamgazers Interactive


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