Tuesday, May 03, 2005

GDC '05 -After

Finally got around to uploading some photos from the GDC! Sorry it took so long, but we have been so busy since we got back working on this demo! The GDC was such an amazing event and San Francisco is such a beautiful city! I wish next year's conference takes place there again! We met some extremely amazing people and few key people that will play an important role for the realization of "Dreamers". Stay tuned for more news on that soon ;)

Hope you enjoy the photos:

GDC 2005, San Francisco

George at the Discreet Presidential Suite with our very good friend Jodi Vetterl (our Discreet gem ;p). Just look at that view!

After the magnificent Final Fantasy Concert, I finally got to meet the brilliant Nobuo Uematsu!

Some unique and interesting stuff around San Francisco

Alcatraz offered some great photo opportunities and some very creepy settings..

Simply Beautiful! I love photography and now I love San Francisco!

One of my 100's of bird shots (lol), Chinatown and mmmm...SUSHI!

Got to stand in front of the house that one of my all-time favorite movies was filmed! Electric Dreams is the name of the movie and this is the house that the main characters, Miles and Madeline, were sharing along with Edgar the unforgettable and evil computer!


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